Roger Tan


WPPI 2014 打印 婚紗攝影單人 第二名
WPPI 2014 打印 婚紗攝影雙人 第二名
英國攝影大師 MPA 2013 年度平均最高分攝影師
英國攝師大師 MPA 2013 年度人像攝影師
WPPI 2011 婚禮細節 第三名
AGWPJA 美國婚禮記者 2011 五大獎年度全球排名13
AGWPJA 美國婚禮記者 2010 五大獎年度全球排名17
AIPP 澳洲 金獎
WPPA 馬來西亞 前三攝影師之一
WPPA 馬來西亞 最高文憑攝影師
WPPA 馬來西亞 2014 最有潛能攝影師
2010 – 2014 總獲超過110獎項

Roger Tan is an international award-winning photographer based in Malaysia. Roger has been qualified as MPA UK higher level FMPA, one of the Malaysia top wedding photographer ,AsiaWPA top photographer member and has won more than hundred awards in international photography competitions. Roger impresses his wedding clients with his specialized artistic skill and personal attention to details in his client’s weddings. Roger’s work is regarded as an art piece by wedding couples. Roger’s success in his career made him one of the most famous photographers in the region.