Michael Chan

For years, Michael's passion for photography has brought him to all walks of life, bringing life to the mundane through his street photography. Discovering his penchant for wedding photography in 2008, he focused his efforts on adding beauty and elegance to his well-honed street style, culminating in a unique look at wedding photojournalism.

In the same year, he has already been graded and awarded entry into the highly coveted Master Photographers Association (MPA) and within 5 short years, was conferred a fellowship (FMPA), an honor that only a handful of photographers can boast. Coupled with a unique style, his pictures have also earned him awards in prestigious international events over the years.

Strongly rooted in his belief that every matrimonial event should be unique and special to the couple, Michael has gone on to create many wedding stories, capturing qualitative and memorable moments over the years.