Victor Tong

Congratulations to Victor Tong for the 2016 PPAC Grand Platinum Award, 2016 PPAC TOP 10 International Photographers, Bronze Award in Portrait Category and 2 entries with Gold Level scores in Final Print Competition. Let’s know more about Victor’s story:

Malaysia based, International portrait and wedding photographer Victor Tong, founded his passion in photography during his younger days but his involvement in the industry only started 4 years ago when he founded CASH Studio.

Known for his specialty on traditional Chinese gowns, and fine art approach on his photography style he has global clients travelling to Malaysia to have their portrait and wedding photos done.

In 2014 he was introduced to MPA,UK (Master Photographers Association) and was officially certified as a Qualified Master Photographer. His passion in photography grew even more and has then built a strong network in Malaysia’s photography scene, allowing him the opportunity to work with many celebrities.

Actively participating in international photography competition, he believes healthy competition among photographers will allow one to grow and learn even more. List of his accolades and awards to date can be found below;

2014 Certified Licentiate Master Photographer (MPA,UK)
2014 Certified Licentiate Photographer (WPPA,INT)
2015 Associate of WPPI (WPPI)
2015 First place winner in Wedding category (MPA, Malaysia)
2015 First place winner in Individual Portrait Category (WPPA, INT)
2015 First place winner in Maternity Category (WPPA,INT)
2015 Top 3 Photographer (WPPA,INT)
2015 Asia 30 outstanding wedding photographer (TopWed)
2016 Grand Platinum Award (PPAC, INT)
2016 Top 10 International Photographer (PPAC, INT)
2016 Third Place Winner in Portrait Category (PPAC, INT)
For us to understand Victor more, PPAC Editor also did an interview with him.

How many years in the photography industry? 

4 years

Why you join the photography life in early start? 

Photography was always a passion during my younger days, the best thing that makes me love it so much and turn it into a profession is the ability to make so many friends and to witness so many happy moments!

Any happiness or sadness would like to share with us in the past years in the photography life? 

I wouldn’t say happiness or sadness, I will say disappointment because I remember during the time when I was a little, I used to walk around with my dad and almost every time, he will ask me this particular question “Boy, what do you want to be when you grow up?” and being so in love with drawings, I will always answer “Artist, I want to be an Artist” he will always reply back “Good” 

Then the day came when I was 14, I remember I was drawing and we received a phone call telling us that my dad is not coming home anymore he passed away in a major accident. From then on I totally forget about the “Artist” ambitions because he no longer walks with me and I no longer have to answer the question of what I want to be, my new ambitions changes each year I grow and there was no “Artist” in it.

Back 3 years ago when I decided to go full time, this whole picture with my dad came back just that today I don’t create my artwork with a pencil and paper, I do it with my camera, I am an Artist and the only disappointment is, the man whom I deeply miss so much is not here to witness my childhood ambitions comes true. I just hope I can still listen to him saying “Good” once more.

How to have more ideas and creative inspirations and let you create the beautiful image?

I believe each and every one of us has our own ways of getting inspiration, mine will be looking at photos from each genre of photography (Every night before I sleep), although I am a wedding photographer but I seldom look at my own genre I am normally inspired by the creativeness of fashion and photographers.

Any words would like to share/say after got the prize?

So many things I would like to say, if PPAC allows I would have recorded a video for this! Haha! Getting the prize was a great surprise because the competition was very strong with all the great artwork of many talented photographers it really never did crossed my mind. 

I would really love to take this opportunity to thank everyone whom have work so hard for this successful PPAC event. Thanks to my fellow Malaysian, Philippine, Taiwan photographer buddies whom kept asking me to attend the event in Shanghai one even told me he will get me a limited edition gift if I attend, well it never happened! I did not receive my gift but I think I got more than that, I got a limited edition “experience”! 

Special thanks goes to my own team CASH Studio as well, you guys rock!

Not to forget the most important people of my life ; my family, my wife and both my adorable kids, I thank them for all the support given. Love you all, I will continue to make you proud. 

Lastly I would like to say to all my new and old photographer friends, please continue to inspire as I will work hard to do so too! Happy to know you all and see you in PPAC 2017!
Victor’s work can be found on his website

Instagram: victortong
Weibo: victortongphotos