Chen Jia

PPAC 2017 Top 10 International Photographers Series - Chen Jia (Chengdu, China) 

An amateur but super professional master photographer

There were number of people thanked us on the photo awards night, but we should in fact wish to express our appreciation to all of you. Chen Jia is a lecturer in Computer Engineering in the University in Chengdu, not a commercial photographer.

For more than 3 years, in order to pursue his dream, he persisted in consuming all his weekends and leisure time on learning photography skills. Further, he strived to creating awesome photos for every competition he joined. Tried again and again after failure. He never gave up. 

We were all very moved upon receipt of his entries for PPAC competitions.  We still recall the first time we met him was at PPAC conference in Hong Kong a few years ago. Looking at his photos then and this time, we are truly excited to learn his artwork was widely recognized for excellence by our judge panel. Thank you! We are extremely happy!

All the artwork from all of you are our precious!