Jacky Wong

PPAC 2017 Top 10 International Photographers Series - Jacky Wong (Malaysia) 

The great success and happiness of PPAC is with all our photographers to grow and success! 

Still remember the first time met Jacky; was the day in Shanghai PPAC Convention. And he gained his first international award! In just one year, we can see his beautiful images and he shines in the international photography platform. 

Jacky Wong, being a professional photographer for 10 years, has merged his 3 major passions in the life on his career path: Portrait, Pre-wedding and Travel. Knowing nothing about arts, his only wish is to transform those splendid pictures in his mind into his artworks. Having double personalities from two extremes, Jacky swings between two photographing styles: pre-wedding photography in a highly romantic style and portrait photography showing inspiring dramatic images. His early dream is to become a chef before being a photographer. Yet, he was unable to become a chef due to some reasons at the time. Instead, he became an assistant in a pre-wedding photography studio and has been in the industry since then.

He became a gold member of PPAC(Professional Photographers Asia Association) in 2015, which is the first professional photographers association he has ever joined.

In 2016, he joined his first International photography competition: 2016 PPAC International Photo Awards(Print Competition) and won the 3rd place in Children category and 2 Bronze Awards in Pre-Wedding category. In the very same year, he received the 2nd place in Portrait category in the PPAC 1st Half Online International Competition and the 1st place in Pre-Wedding category in the 2nd half competition. In 2017, he further gained the 2nd place in Portrait category and 4 Gold Awards in PPAC International Print Competition 2017. He was even selected as one of the Top 10 International Photographers this year.

Besides, Jacky also won the 1st place in Portrait category in WPPI 1st Half Online International Competition, the 3rd place in Portrait category in AsiaWPA 1st Half Competition and, in total, he received two 1st place, three 2nd place, one 3rd place and top 3 photographers in pre-wedding and portrait categories in WPPA. He in addition gained the 1st place in Bride or Groom Single category and Top 20 International photographers in IWPA International Photography Award 2017.