Zung Heng

Zung Heng

Zung is an International photographer, specialized in travel, people , wedding photography. He started his company - THE PHOTOZ in 2012, as the birthday gift to himself.

Each year, he spends about 6 months flying around the world, 
photo shoot for international clients in 4-6 continents. sometimes, he flies about 100 flights a year.

He is known as " Zung Ninja Photographer "  , famous for " Capturing Soul " , he gain his popularity  Internationally for the fast , wild , artistic style .

Zung is a university drop out , he did not has any formal photography or art education . This gave him a lot of hard time to start running a photography company . On the other hand , this gave him the room, to develop unique photography style , the ninja style , which made him became the popular photographer in Malaysia , then expand his portfolio to the world .

He is also now running the " Ninja Photo School "  , specialised in conduct short photo workshop & master class in different cities  in the world . 

He is constantly busy , dealing with high end customer & royalty , travel the world,  the jet lag give him more difficulty to run to daily task. Thanks to his dedicated full time of 4staffs & 10 contract staff help him to run to business & photo shoot smoothly.

Zung runs his career in a very very special wa , vey low key & not so actives online . they don’t have a Weibo , WeChat account , no blog , no proper website ... however , their good work & happy customer still help them to get a lot of good business, then , expand to the world. Due to privacy of their high end clients & royalty . they hard show the world on social media . 



-2018 WTOPP World’s Ten Outstanding Photography Professionals Awards 2017 

-Probably the MOST TRAVELED wedding & portrait photographer : 
he traveled to more than 70 countries , about 60 countries is for photo assignment

- PHOTO ASSIGNMENT IN ALL 7 CONTINENTS: in only 5 years , his job covered 7continents , include South Pole & artic circle 

- He photographed 3 PRESIDENTS OF AMERICA: Donald Trump , George Bush jr, Bill Clinton 

 ( 6 cities- 6 continents -6 photo shoots -6 weeks- 6 lens in ONE TRIP  ) 
Asia - wedding of Miss Singapore  
Europe - London fashion week
AFRICA - Masai tribe in Kenya
North America- Portrait of dancer in Las Vegas 
South America- LOVE after 8.8 earth quake 
Ocenia - Tony Robbins Platinum adventure in New Zealand 

- Raise the Standard & Image of Photographer in Public eye  : his is not only invite to endorse & collaborate with the camera company: Canon & Leica . He is also invited to be ambassador many non photography brands : Rimowa ( premium International luggage brand ) , JLC watch ( high end Swiss watch ) , Oppo , Samsung phone , Expedia ... & most recent , Rolls-Royce car.

- Favorite photographer of world celebrity & Royalty : He is the personal photographer of Tony Robbins ( world no.1 life motivation speaker/auther ) for 8th year now.
He & his team been hired to photograph other world celebrity & royalty like , Andrea Bocelli ( Italian tenor ) , Dalai Lama , Helen Miller ( hollywood star), Donald Trump, Price Chales ( UK ) , Prince Albert ( Monaco ) , Mel Gibson ..... & many more /

- Roll-Royces car shooting assignment : Zung was approached by Rolls-Royce Asia Pacific to photograph their cars in 7 countries in the world , for the marketing usage . They believe that Zung style & image fit RR style very much : Highest craftsmanship , Artistic , luxury life , embrace the traditional, international lifestyle

Motivate more than 15,000 youngster around the world : Zung was  invited speak to the youngster at the school, unversity , young community internationally . 
 Zung believe in give back to society , especially the less fortunate group , he insists to do it for FREE when he was invited to public school & orphanage house . 
so, far , more than 15,000 youngster has attended his motivation talk in Malaysia, Taipei., borneo, India , Maldive, Poland , Bhutan ...

TEDx Talk speaker : He was speaking at the world reknown TEDx , 2 thousands audience voted him as their favourite speaker out of 12 honoured speakers. they touched & inspired by his "Journey of fishing village boy to international photographer" 

Photography Mentoring & Workshop : Zung conduct the first photography workshop in 2007, some of his student are multi international awards winner . 
( one of his student , Edwin tan won the overseas photography of the year of AIPP , Australia )
He is now conducting short photography workshop in India, Whistler , Moscow, japan ... & the most recently, he was invited to conduct special photography workshop in the imperial city of Kyoto , twice a year .

His company photographed more than 1000 weddings worldwide .