许 蔚呈

PPAC 2018 Top 10 International Photographers Series - Xu Weicheng

It is always feeling excited to meet the new talented in the photography industry! 

Xu Weicheng is from China. He is graduated from Oil Painting Department, Academy of Fine Arts and had worked as advertising graphic designer for 10 years.

First met photography and founded Xiaoniao Paradise children photography in 2013

Achieved 1st place from PPAC 2nd half online competition in 2017 and 3rd place from Print Competition and Top 10 International Photographers 2018

His award acceptance speech and future plans: “I am very honored for being recognized by PPAC judges. This is the first time I joined PPAC competition and I had learned a lot. Through judges' diligent comments, I realized which areas of my photos for improvement. I will keep paying close attention and participate in PPAC competition awards.

There is no end to learning and never the best in art. I wish I can keep upgraded on this creativity path and create more artwork which could touch people's heart and become one of the most influential international photography artists in the future.” 

*As Xu needed to take care of his family that day, his pretty wife represented him to take the honorable prize.